Sunday, 14 June 2015


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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

MiniJobs4You-A leading website for mini jobs online & freelancers around the world.

MiniJobs4You-A leading website for mini jobs online & freelancers around the world.

Work from home and make money with easy online jobs and/or post your own campaign.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How SocialPays Rewards Work

On this page you can see how we reward your activity on our SocialPays network including profit-share.

Activity Rewards

Your activity on your SocialPays network earns you points. These points can be converted into a variety of special offers including discounts with popular online products as well as cash rewards. The current activity rewards and the relevant points needed to receive rewards are on the 'My Points' page accessible via your account menu to the left.

Here are the ways that you can earn points from your SocialPays activity as well as from your friends SocialPays activity:

Submitting A Post - 10 points

You receive 10 points for each new post that you add to your SocialPays page:

Receiving A New Friend 25 points

You receive 25 points for each new confirmed friend you receive:

Creating A Blog 5 points

You receive 25 points each time you create a new blog or add a post to your blog:

Creating A Group 5 points

You receive 25 points each time you create a new group or add a post to your group:

Your Friends Activity - 10 points per like & comment

You receive 10 points each time your friends like and comment on your posts, blogs or groups:

As you can see there are a lot of great ways to receive points for your and your friends activity, so log into your account often every day and build those points.


We also include a profit-share element to SocialPays whereby we share a portion of all of our company profits received each month from the sales of all upgraded memberships with upgraded members.

Our profit-share reward is based upon points earned by each Paid or Premium member. On the 1st of each month we count all points earned from all Paid and Premium members, divide that by 60% of all profits received and then allocate those profits based upon points to each Paid or Premium member.

Below is an example only. Do NOT base this example of what you WILL earn in profit-share as it is only an example.

Example: All Paid and Premium members earn 6,000,000 points in a one month period. We receive $100,000 in upgraded memberships for that one month period of which 60% is allocated to profit-share, ($60,000). Each point is then worth $0.01c   
John is a Premium member and has earned 5,000 points in that month, therefore he receives a profit-share of $50, (5,000 points x $0.01). Again, please note that this is just an example to help you understand the profit-share system. Paid members in the profit-share system may earn more or less dependant upon points earned and membership payments received.

Wow! Rewards for Social Activity. Join SocialPays Today!

Wow! Rewards for Social Activity. Join SocialPays Today!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Weekly Fix Pay

Weekly Fix Pay

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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